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Textbooks 101: Guide to Course Materials


RaiderLink BannerVarsity Bookstore is the only off-campus bookstore that has been serving Lubbock and Texas Tech University continuously for 83 years. Varsity Bookstore works with Texas Tech University by compiling the official book list each semester.

  Step 1: Get Your Book-list

Access your book list by logging in to your Raiderlink account. Click on Current Term then select Order Textbooks. Print or Screen Shot it on your phone. You can also submit your school schedule to us and begin shopping. The latter option is best is you’re a parent shopping for your student.

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Step 2: Understand Your Book Status

Each book will have a Book Status to let you know how it is being used.

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Book Status Descriptions


Your instructor may occasionally require additional materials for the course that are not listed online. These will usually be listed on your course syllabus and are not usually needed for the first day of class.

Step 3: Buy, Rent or go Digital?

Once you’ve created your book list, our system will show you the options we have for you. Such as Rentals, Digital, or New & Used textbooks. You can compare prices and chose which to order.

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Step 4: Get Your Books

We feel that Varsity Bookstore is the best choice, but there are a lot of options to get the books and course materials you need at the best possible cost. There are a number of other places to get books, but we strongly suggest only buying or renting from a reliable retailer who understands the Texas Tech University Book List.

Ready to purchase your books?

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Visit Varsity Bookstore, on 1305 University Ave to shop for textbooks, course packets, school supplies & Tech gear. Rent books right off the shelf. Books are organized by Department and Course Number, so be sure to bring your book list. Our knowledgeable staff are always available for help!


Skip the lines! Purchase your books online here – early orders are usually fulfilled the week before classes and orders placed closer to class start are usually ready in 24-36 hours. Online rentals may take longer.

Step 5: Bring them Back!

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For more information, call us at (806) 763 – 9368



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