Varsity Bookstore of Lubbock was founded in 1934 by a former Texas Tech student who felt that the needs of the students were first and foremost. Ownership changed in 1955, when Varsity was sold to three former Texas Tech students, who continued to uphold the same principles that the original ownership displayed. In 1975, Varsity was sold to Asel Art Supply which still owns the store today. We’re the last off-campus source for textbooks in Lubbock and we have maintained the original vision since the day Varsity Bookstore opened.

Why is Varsity Bookstore Closing?

  • After COVID, customer buying habits changed rapidly.
    • Less foot traffic = lower sales in other departments.
  • Trend toward digital course materials.
    • Publishers are pushing E-Books and direct download materials.
  • Supply Chain Issues
    • Inability to have merchandise in season
    • Difficulty in getting certain products at all
  • We want to close while we are still profitable.
  • We anticipate closing before the end of the year.